White Rhino Pitbull Dog & American Bully Stud Fee

It is nothing unexpected that reproducers of top quality American bully stud fee frequently charge a substantial cost for selling their canines. Because of the exertion and time they put into raising too reproducing little guys that are not deficient, wiped out or of mediocre quality, it is defended. One sort of Bully breed has a lot more significant expense tag contrasted with different Bullies: the White Rhino Pitbull, the world’s most costly American Bully. Other Bully breeds are viewed as expensive, however when White Rhino was purchased with a considerable sum that bested the costs of different Bullies alongside a lesser yet costly stud expense different pooches currently look reasonable or if nothing else efficiently valued.


The White Rhino Pitbull dog like others of its sort has a similar kind of physical characteristics like a substantial expansive head and skull, high-set typical or edited ears, eyes any shading aside from blue, almond to oval-molded eyes, a full gag which is short-medium, solid, well-characterized jaws, and a huge nose.

Who Is a Breeder that Owns White Rhino Pitbull Dog?

White Rhino has experienced a few proprietors. Mike R. Wallander of Mikel and Kennels was the principal proprietor of White Rhino. Mike, who is a reproducer, delivered the pooch by rearing Mikeland’s renowned stud occupant Kracker Jack to his different his female Ghost, who additionally has a place with Mikel and Kennels. The pitbull created by Kracker Jack and Ghost ended up being the best quality little guys, and Mike was before long known for delivering the best studs who owe their ancestry to Kracker Jack. Mike later offered White Rhino to an individual named Armando Perez.

What is This Bully’s Breed?

White Rhino is an American Bully in spite of the fact that he looks more white contrasted with others of his sort. White Rhino is the result of the rearing of Kracker Jack Mikel and Kennel’s most renowned stud and Ghost, a female pooch who is additionally part of Mikel and Kennels. There couldn’t be an all the more fitting sire for White Rhino since Kracker Jack has sired different mutts like Bully Bear, Cali Kingpin’s Bomba, Gottyline’s Nicky, Black bones and Escalade, and Mikel and Kennel’s one of a kind Nitro DNA-P and Salara. Mikel and Kennels are known for raising family-situated pooches who have enormous blocky heads and Max body width.

What Is The Price Of The Stud Fee For White Rhino?

Armando Perez was offered a property that is worth $250,000 by David Potter, who utilized it to purchase White Rhino. The stud charge for White Rhino isn’t as costly as the buying, yet the cost is pretty much past the value scope of everything except the most extravagant. White Rhino’s stud expense is $65000 a sum that would make a few people’s jaws drop in stun and awe. Some have condemned that the amount is over the top for a Bully and that the cash is practically equivalent to another quality vehicle or a school training.